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The Quintrex Range

Quintrex aluminium boats are Australia’s best selling boat brand and with our range of Quintrex aluminium boats for sale, you won’t be disappointed. The state of the art Quintrex manufacturing facility produces in excess of 10,000 Quintrex boats a year and exports to over 25 countries using expert Quintrex dealers.

Since 1945 the Quintrex boats have inspired great loyalty and many of our customers refuse to go boating in anything else than a Quintrex. The resale of a Quintrex boat is by far the best of any brand on the market and you’ll be lucky to find a second hand Quintrex model!

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The Quintrex aluminium boat range includes 99 models between 2.50m and 6.90m in length. The Quintrex range is divided into 10 different configurations.

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quintrex boats 1 
Open boats (3.1m - 6.0m)  
quintrex 2 
Explorers (2.50m - 4.4m)  
quintrex 3 
Hornets (4m - 5m)  
quintrex 4
Renegade Plate models (4.2m - 5.2m) 
quintrex 5 
Top Ender fishing (4.2m to 6.1m)  
quintrex 6 
Runabouts (4.2m - 6.5m)  
quintrex 7 
Legend consoles (4.9m - 6.5m)  
quintrex 8 
Cruiseabout bowriders (4.81m - 6.5m)  
quintrex 9 
Spirit half cabins (5.1m - 6.9m)  
quintrex 10 
Trident offshore (6.1m - 6.9m)  

Every Quintrex boat comes with a 3 year warranty.

Why Buy from our range of Quintrex boats for sale?



Quintrex Aluminium Boats A Softer Ride - The Blade Hull Quintrex - Aluminium Boats

Quintrex Hulls set the standard in aluminium boat design. The award winning Blade Hull, which is exclusive to Quintrex boats provides maximum lift to get the boat on to the plane nice and fast. The Quintrex boats variable dead-rise hull has a sharper point of entry to cut through the chop for a softer ride.

Click here to see a video of the Blade Hull in action.

quintrex A Drier Ride - Flared Bow Aluminium Boats by Quintrex  

Quintrex is famous for it's Flared Bow and it is something that they have done for over 40 years. The Flared Bow works in tandem with the Millennium Hull to produce the driest riding boat on the market. The flare in the side sheet throws the spray out to the sides and down whereas a normal shaped bow on the competitor allows spray to ride up the side of the boat and blow back in on the occupants.

quintrex Quality of Finish - Quintrex aluminium boats Aluminium Boats by Quintrex

Innovation, attention to detail and quality of finish are what Quintrex aluminium boats are known for. Not only is there a wide selection of customising options, there is also a wide variety of hull and canopy colour choices to make your investment really stand out among the crowd. 

quintrex Value for Money - Quintrex aluminium boats Aluminium Boats - Quintrex

Every Quintrex aluminium boat will give you more value for your money! Many items such as stereos, fishfinders, two way radios, rod holders, lighting, ladders and canopies are all standard features. Extra stability, storage and versatility is also achieved through boats being designed with wider and deeper bottoms than most of their competitors.  


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