Furuno 1623 LCD Radar


Brand: Furuno

The Furuno 1623 6″ Radar is a high contrast LCD radar designed for pleasure craft and small fishing boats. Operating in 13 range scales from 0.125 to 16 nm, radar echoes are presented in four shades of grey on the 6″ Silver Bright LCD. The Radar offers detailed pictures of coastline and targets at short ranges thanks to narrower pulselengths and dual IF bandwidths. The waterproof display makes it ideal for cockpit or flybridge installation. For the full Furuno 1623 Radar brochure click here.

Standard features include EBLs (Electronic Bearing Line), EVRMs (Electronic Variable Range Marker), TLL output (Target Latitude and Longitude), Cursor L/L input/output, Echo Trail, Guard Zone Alarm, Anti Clutter Rain, Automatic control of tuning and sensitivity. These features ensure optimum performance in detecting and ranging targets of interest.

The operator can select from Normal, Off-center, Zoom, and Watchman mode. In the Watchman mode, the antenna is stopped and the transmission is off, while the screen displays nav data only. The radar wakes up at a specified time interval (5, 10 or 20 min) and operates for a minute. If a target enters the Guard Zone, an audible alarm sounds and the radar goes into its normal operating mode, cancelling the Watchman mode. The alarm may also be set to work for a target leaving the Zone. You can see a Waypoint on the high contrast LCD screen when the radar is connected with an optional GPS Navigator. The Waypoint is indicated by a lollipop mark for easy identification and location.

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