Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Camera with Powered Case


Brand: Garmin

The Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 is a premium-quality camcorder boasting a range of features. With a 1.75-inch touchscreen display and a high-sensitivity microphone, the camcorder is able to capture footage of exceptional quality. The three-axis image stabilisation ensures that whatever the terrain or environment, the footage is smooth and steady. The voice control function enables hands-free operation. Key features include:
• Up to 2hrs and 15mins battery life when recording.
• One-touch control
• Remote control: Garmin devices, mobile app
• Automatic multi-camera sync
• Voice control (English) - Shoot hands-free using voice control to start/stop recording, take photos or remember moments
• High sensitivity microphone captures clear audio in and out of the waterproof case
• Colour LCD touchscreen - works through the case
• Weighs 88g and is only 8cm X 7.5cm X 4cm when in the case
• Playback with audio - see what you recorded

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