Premium Grade Throttle and Shift Cable for Suzuki Engines


Brand: Suzuki
Categories: Suzuki Service

This universal premium grade throttle and shift cable suits almost all Suzuki outboards. The difference of the premium over the standard cable is the premium has a patented splined core. The ridges on the core allow a close fit with the cables inner liner but with minimum contact so you get a smoother cable able to handle longer runs and tighter bends. Just reuse the screw on fittings off your existing cable. It has stainless steel end fittings, nominal 75mm travel, a solid core wire with a 16 lay wire reinforced outer jacket. Your old cable will have the length stamped in the outer casing. If not you measure the complete cable length from tip to tip. Just make sure you check the ends on your cable are the same as what is in the picture.

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