Suzuki 1Ltr engine oil (PN:MOT19-451-01)


Brand: Suzuki
Categories: Suzuki Service

Suzuki 1 Ltr engine oil to suit all 4 stroke models. Click on the details tab below to know what quantity you will need.

Note: Below measurements are an average and will be very close to what is required. Make sure you fill your engine to the correct level as damage and running issues will result form engines that are under or over filled.


2.5hp 0.37L
4hp – 5hp 0.7L
8hp 0.8L
9.9hp – 20hp 1.0L
25hp – 30hp 1.5L
40hp – 50hp 2.7L
70hp – 90hp 4.0L
100hp – 140hp 5.5L
15hp – 300hp 8.0L


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