4 must-have fishing accessories for 2018

Good fishing accessories are incredibly important. As the saying goes, 'Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day; teach a man to fish - but don't give him any fishing accessories - and he won't eat at all.' Here are four fishing accessories you should slap in your boat the next time you're out on the water.

Berley cage

You can only catch a fish if they're around - thankfully, there's a way to get them to come, and that's by using berley. Chuck some into a steel berley cage, hang it behind your boat, and you'll have a bunch of fish tickling your boat's underside in no-time.

Opinions differ on what the best ingredients for a great berley concoction are - it's one of those things you just need to experiment with to find your own effective recipe. But we warned - make that berley too tasty and you might attract yourself something bigger, like the blokes below who discovered a shark having a nibble on their cage.


When the sun's gleaming bright in the sky, it can be especially hard to spot anything under the water. A useful tool to get around this is the humble bathiscope. Resembling a traffic cone with a clear bottom, a bathiscope lets you get eyes under the water.

Live bait tank

Live bait fishing is a great option for attracting those fish that don't seem to bite on artificial or dead baits. But it can be a hassle to use over it's inanimate peers. Make things a little easier by grabbing yourself a live bait tank - perfect for keeping the bait alive and wriggling right until the moment of use.

Rod holder

The unsung heroes of every fishing boat, rod holders are a must if you're spending a day out on the water. You don't want to be standing around all day, rod in hand, waiting for a bite, when a perfectly good bit of stainless steel or PVC could be doing it for you. It makes fishing all the more exciting; you can chat with your mates, prep some baits, or just gaze out into the beautiful ocean, all the while keeping an eye one the rod, waiting for it to do that 'I've got a bite' jiggle.

These are just four of the many fishing accessories Hunts Marine has in stock - check out out online offerings, or come and visit us in store.

February 02, 2018 by Castleford Media