Garmin Force 24v/36v Trolling Motor - 50" and 57"

(This is a non mapping unit) Includes Dual Beam Transducer with Water Temperature Sensor

Fish with force using the Garmin Force trolling motors available in 50" and 57" are the most powerful, most efficient trolling motor available yet still extremely quiet! Wireless chartplotter connectivity provides navigation, autopilot and anchor lock capabilities. The incredibly precise anchor lock holds the boat in the same location while fishing. The Force motors features as a standard inclusion a built-in CHIRP traditional and Ultra High-Definition sonar that provides exceptionally clear images with imperceptible sonar noise interference from the motor. The highly efficient brushless motor operates at either 24 Volt or 36 Volt providing worry free long run times, allowing more time for fishing. The Garmin Force trolling motors include a wireless foot pedal that provides instant control and responsiveness with the feel and steering capabilities like a cable-steered pedal. Each trolling motor includes a wireless handheld remote control which allows navigation with simple point-and-go gesturing. Click on the product name above to read heaps more.
Brand: Garmin