5 of the best boat moments in movies

All boaties know the adrenaline-pumping thrill of zipping over water, cutting through salt spray and wind. There is plenty of excitement to be had from a good boat, so it's no surprise that many great movie scenes involve dramatic boat chases or manoeuvres. 

Just for fun, we've put together a few of our favourite boat movie moments. 

Stephen Spielberg artfully crafted one of the most heart-stopping boat chases in movie history.

1. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indiana Jones lives up to his daredevil nature in this scene from the third film in the franchise. Stephen Spielberg artfully crafted one of the most heart-stopping boat chases in movie history, with speedboats zipping in and out of the canals in Venice and Jones fighting off the bad guys the entire time. 

Hacker-Craft sports boats are the stars of the scene. This company is the oldest builder of wooden motorboats in the world, having been around since 1908. 

2. The World is Not Enough

Yet another movie where 007 bonds with boats, this film includes an epic on-water chase. Bond's boat in the scene is typically gadget-like, a black Q-boat which he guides down the Thames, chasing a Sunseeker speedboat past iconic architecture.

The action-packed scene took 35 boats and six weeks to shoot. the end result is an edge-of-your-seat sequence with Bond speeding through London. 

All of the tight spins and flame-spitting engines make a great scene, but this definitely isn't something you want to try at home!

3. Face/Off

Nicholas Cage and John Travolta battle it out on the water in elite speedboats in this film. Filmed in San Diego with an $80 million budget, there is no shortage of action in this scene. There is boat on boat violence, characters leaping from one vessel to the other, explosions and hair-raising jumps, making this one of the most brilliant boat chase scenes to ever make it into cinemas. 

The boats used in the scene are Wellcraft high performance powerboats, showing off their muscle and finesse at every sharp turn. 

4. From Russia with Love

No-one does boat chases better than Bond, which is why another classic 007 film makes it onto this list. In From Russia With Love, the second ever Bond film, we see Sean Connery cruising along on his way to Venice, before being intercepted by the bad guys. 

This boat chase scene is everything you would expect from a Bond film - there is plenty of gunfire, explosions, outrageous stunts and a dramatic escape. The scene is a lot of fun and a great glimpse at the retro Fairey boats. Several models were used for filming, with both Huntress and Hunstman models being used in the scene. 

5. Live and Let Die

Our all-time favourite boat scene is the famous jump scene in this 1973 Bond film. The scene begins with a high-octane chase through Louisiana marshes and ends with a record-breaking jump that blows all other boat chases out of the water.

The boat used in the scene was a Glastron GT150 speedboat, with an Evinrude engine. The manoeuvre was performed more than 100 times before shooting, to make sure the stunt could be pulled off. So many boats were ruined in the buildup to the scene that the jump was nearly cancelled, but eventually the stunt went off without a hitch - the first and only attempt was successful and made it into the film. 

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