6 fishing boat accessories you need for your boat


From coast to coast, fishing is a favourite pastime for Australians. Considering the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation found over 3 million people fish recreationally each year on the continent, there's no doubt this activity holds substantial social and economic significance. Everyone can enjoy a day out on the water, taking in the scenery and spending quality time either with yourself or accompanied by friends and family.

Being an island nation, it just makes sense to own a fishing boat. They are easily transported and can be taken out on the many bodies of water that Australia is home to. A boat is a great start for any recreational fisher, but it shouldn't be where your focus ends.

Fishing boat accessories can make your experience out in the water safer, more fun and overall more productive. From simple solutions to electronic gadgets, we have compiled a list of the additions that you need for your boat.

From setting sail to making a catch, these fixtures are a must

Whether you are spending time with family, or looking for a solo adventure in the open ocean, these accessories are a practical and affordable extension to your boat.

1. Rod holders

Unless you enjoy holding a single fishing rod for hours on end waiting for a catch, these helpful accessories are indispensable. They can be used to store your rods, or to anchor them when in action. With convenient designs that can be mounted to your boats' gunwale, you can have multiple lines out while minimising the risk of tangling.

2. Comfortable seating

Something that is often overlooked until you are well into your excursion, comfort is vital when you're spending a long day out. Cushions can easily fix awkward seating, and swivel chairs come in handy during an energetic catch.

3. Downrigger

A step up from a traditional rod, this equipment can expertly control your bait depth while moving naturally through the water. This allows you to change your fishing tactics based on location and the fish you're trying to attract. Due to its unique qualities, a downrigger can actually help you catch more fish.

With rod holders, you can easily have multiple lines in the water - improving your chances of With rod holders, you can easily have multiple lines in the water to improve your chances of reeling in a catch.

4. Electronic fish finder

Fishing has long been an escape from technology and distraction, but new developments are shedding light on how electronics can assist in the process. Utilising sonar, this device can show you the density and hardness of objects. It's relatively easy to learn how to use an electronic fish finder and interpret its findings to lead you to more fish.

5. Bathiscope

Even if you are not ready to take the plunge with new technology, a bathiscope is a beneficial tool that can help you spot fish below the water. This is especially useful when the sun is reflecting brightly off the water.

Additionally, an electronic fish finder may be good at getting you close to your catch, but at the pace they move it can be difficult to pinpoint where they are. Actually being able to get your eyes under the water can provide a better understanding about what the sonar is locating, so you can make a decision to keep moving or drop anchor.

6. Tank aerator

Hands down, one of the most important additions to any fishing boat is a proper place to store your bounty. You may opt for a cooler if you immediately butcher your catch, but a better way to guarantee fresher fish is to invest in an on-board tank.

A good haul can spoil within a few hours if exposed to the intense Australian sun, and it's not enough to keep it in a shaded spot. To avoid all the disappointment and possible illness from rancid fish, keep them alive until you return to shore.

Of course this isn't always possible, but if you do want to keep your fish alive immediately after catching them it isn't as simple as putting them in a bucket with ocean water. A tank aerator is necessary for pumping air into their enclosure. They are rechargeable and can have a battery life of upwards of 24 hours, so they are practical to use for an entire day.

This device can also be used to keep your live bait swimming happily before they are needed. Many fish respond better to live bait, so keeping them viable during your cruise out to deeper waters is ideal.

Affordable options are available

These accessories will enhance your fishing experience along with improving the aesthetic of your boat. Investing in these devices also does not have to break the bank, with multiple styles and discounted options available, there shouldn't be anything holding you back from a more productive fishing expedition.

If you're interested in more fishing accessories, take a look at the offerings in our online store, or contact us today to find out about discounted products.

October 23, 2019 by Castleford Media
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