An A to Z of boating

Here it is: Hunts Marine's comprehensive A to Z of boating! In it you'll find out all sorts of things you never knew (and perhaps some you never needed to) about boating. 


In 2017, it won the "Best word to shout loudly and draw attention to oneself" award from the International Union of Pirates. 


We could hardly have an A to Z of boating without 'B' standing for boat now, could we?


A handy device that allows you to set your course on an interactive map. The Furuno GP 1870F, with its large and bright LCD screen is a good example.


The place where you can park and secure your boat. 


Among the many things you can add to your boat to bring it into the 21st century, electronics like fishfinders and GPS units are some of the best. 


It's what all good boats do.

Glastron GTS 180

An absolute speed machine, the Glastron GTS 180 features racier styling and graphics that set it apart from the crowd.

Hunts Marine

The best place to visit for a load of boat related goods, including to test drive a boat you've had your eye on!

Inboard motor

An engine that's mounted within the hull of the boat, as opposed to an outboard which, as the name suggests, is found outside the hull.


A pier (often small and wooden) to which boats can be docked


A unit of speed, one knot is equal to one nautical mile (1.1508 regular miles) per hour. 

Land Lubber

Another pirate favourite, this term refers to people who don't like, or are unfamiliar with, being out at sea. 


A harbour with many spots for small boats and pleasure craft to moor. Big city marinas often have space for thousands of boats.

Nautical mile

A distance of 1,852 metres, a nautical mile is the same as one minute of latitude on the circumference of the earth.


If some mug falls out of your boat into the water, they're said to have gone overboard. For those smart cookies wearing their life-jackets, this is nothing to fear.


The left-hand-side of a boat when facing forward.


A favourite brand of ours, Quintrex makes some of Australia's best-selling boats. If you're looking to buy an aluminium boat, look no further than Quintrex!


A system that detects objects using radio waves. Useful for detecting other objects on the water when visibility is poor.


The right-hand-side of a boat when facing forward.


The transom is the part of the boat that connects the port and starboard sides of the hull together at the stern of the boat. This is where an outboard engine is mounted.

Used boats

Hunts Marine has a whole bunch of them! Whatever your budget, we're the place to come if you want to buy a used boat.


A term to describe the shape of a boat's hull when it's wedge shaped, like a triangle or a thick knife. The opposite of a V is a flat-bottom.


Boats without water are like snags without sauce - pointless.

XD 100 Oil

A fully synthetic oil designed for two stroke engines, XD100 Oil is designed specifically for all Evinrude ETEC outboards.


Used by pirates to indicate enthusiastic agreement. Roughly translatable to "yes".


Sleeping - something you won't be able to do when you buy a Glastron boat - you'll be too busy thinking about taking it out for a cruise on the water.

Whether you want to get into boating, or perhaps just pick up some new boat accessories, get in touch with the crew at Hunts Marine - we're experts on all things boating.

December 04, 2017 by Castleford Media