Are boats expensive to maintain?


Owning a boat can be costly, however, with correct boat maintenance and care unexpected costs can be kept to a minimum. From mornings spent fishing in solitude to afternoons watching a spectacular sunset with the family, owning a boat can create many years of cherished memories and experiences.

To get the most life out of your boat it is important to maintain it. From repairing common wear and tear to regular oil changes keeps your boat in the best condition possible and reduces unexpected maintenance costs.

How much does boat maintenance cost?

Every boat is different, and depending on its age, size, usage and history it will likely need more or less upkeep over the year. The Hub estimates the average boat owner spends between $200-$400 on upkeep services a year. Keeping your boat maintained allows for smooth sailing.

Some of the more common yearly maintenance costs are:

  • Engine service - its recommended to get your engine serviced at least every 100 hours of use or every year, whichever comes first.
  • Oil changes – as necessary and always check to ensure water is not entering your fuel lines.
  • Anti-fouling – bird droppings are unsightly, unsanitary and a pain to scrub off! It’s important to invest in anti-fouling devices like decoys to keep birds off your boat and reduce time and money spent on cleaning.
  • UV and salt damage – the suns harsh rays and damaging salt from the water can damage your deck, canopy, roped and other upholstery. It’s important to properly wax your boat at the start of each season and take other measures to prevent too much damage.
  • Common wear and tear – your boats motor, propeller, cooling system and electrical wiring may experience wear and tear over time, especially if you use your boat frequently. While this is not a fixed annual cost, you should always budget some maintenance dollars to repair or replace these items over the years.

Being proactive is critical

While most of these costs are directly associated with usage, it’s important to be proactive with maintenance to prevent small from becoming larger, more costly issues. It’s important to always keep an eye out for corrosion, cracking and deterioration of boat parts.

Wash your boat regularly with the correct cleaning solution to remove build-up and continue to cover your boat when not in use to protect it from the elements and wildlife. Without a doubt buying a boat is a commitment, however, you're also purchasing years of fun and memories – you just need to factor in maintenance costs when you first buy your boat. 

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Happy Boating!