Great Places to go Boating this Summer (Sydney and NSW) and Fishing Tips

Looking for a great spot to go boating this Summer? Whether you've just purchased a new boat or you have an old faithful that you want to take somewhere different, take a look at these destinations to cruise to around Sydney and New South Wales for your next day out on the water. 


Sydney Harbour

Those who enjoy recreational fishing will be surprised to find a variety of fish in the Harbour! Water quality has greatly improved over the years making it a great spot to visit. The Harbour has over 300km of shoreline where boaties can enjoy beaches and popular landmarks from the comfort of their boat!


 Lake Illawarra

About 90 kilometres south of Sydney is Lake Illawarra. This is a great spot for all water sports, including fishing, sailing and water skiing.  There are 13 boat ramps around the lake, so it's easily accessible. On the shore, Reddall Reserve is a nice place for a picnic on dry land


Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay, also south of Sydney, is 15 kilometres long with picturesque blue water and a fringe of white sand. The tranquil waters make this one of the best boating destinations on the New South Wales south coast. Jervis Bay Marine Park is a beautiful place to explore. Fishing is popular in the bays and estuaries, and you can find leatherjacket, flathead and snapper in abundance. 

Currambene Creek is also a must visit! It is a safe fishing spot that is easy to navigate for those less confident on open water. Here you can throw out a line for bream or trevally to fish up lunch for the whole family. 


Hawkesbury River

Just north of Sydney is the vast Hawkesbury River system. This is the perfect spot to escape from the city for a while, with lush native forests and national parks adjoining calm waters ideal for cruising. You could come back here over and over again and find something new each time! The wide-open river is also great for tow sports such as water skiing and wakeboarding. 


Shoalhaven Heads

The Shoalhaven River is located on the South Coast of NSW. Smaller boats can go as far as 50 kilometres up the Shoalhaven River, and you can fish for bream and bass here all year round. Around 75% of the catchment is national park, so this is an excellent nature spot, with bushlands and escarpments giving you a change of scenery from the coast. 

While you're there, you can cruise around Comerong Island. Set in the mouth of Shoalhaven River, this is a nature reserve with plenty of birds, fishing spots and picnic areas for the whole family to enjoy!



Looking to catch some fish, the twin towns of Forster and Tuncurry are the place to go! Just 3.5 hours North of Sydney have plenty of fishing spots both along the beach and river.

If you want to buy a new boat or upgrade your old one before getting out on the water, stop by to see the team at Hunts Marine. 


Important Fishing Tips

Here are 3 key tips and tricks so everyone looking to take advantage of port, harbour, lake and bay fishing has the best chance of success.

1. Select the best equipment

  • Rod size: When fishing these parts, more often than not the fish will be right under your boat, so distance casting is rarely necessary. A strong 10-foot rod is an easy option that will support larger catches yet not interfere with nearby anglers.
  • Type of bait: Live bait is a popular choice for people fishing in bays and harbours, especially when looking to catch species such as pollock and mackerel. These fish tend to prefer bait on the move rather than being static.

 2. Time it wisely

Having the right equipment is pointless if you don't know the best time to cast your line. This knowledge can be the difference between a bountiful catch and a disappointing result.

The hours either side of sunrise and sunset are two of the most popular times for anglers looking to fish in harbours and bays. This is because many fish and marine creatures are more active during first and last light.

3. Focus on structure

When deciding where to fish, take advantage of the structures around you. Piers, jetties and seawalls are just three examples of natural and manmade structures that attract various types of marine species. 

Pop by any of our three locations; Sydney, Batemans Bay or Wollongong or visit our website and our friendly Hunts Marine team can help you find the right accessories and equipment for your next fishing trip!