How can you tell when you need a new boat?

At Hunts Marine, we love boating, and so do our friends and family. Chances are, if you're taking a look around our range of new and used boats, you love boating too. Perhaps you even have a boat sitting in your driveway that you've had for many years, and have countless happy memories of your time aboard your faithful vessel.

However, an ageing boat, no matter how much you love it, may no longer be the safest or most enjoyable option when venturing out onto the ocean waves. There may come a time when, regardless of how difficult it may seem, it's time to say goodbye to your boat. How do you know when this is?

There may come a time when, no matter how difficult it may seem, it's time to say goodbye to your boat.

Aside from springing a leak or seven and sinking into the depths of Sydney Harbour, here are a few signs when you know it's time to trade in your trusty old vessel for a shiny new one.  

1. You no longer find boating enjoyable

Why do we love boating? There are a myriad of reasons - the chance to get away from the hectic pace of the big city, seeking out another battle with the monster that snapped your line last month, or to spend the day with your loved one with a glass of the good stuff.

When you no longer feel the pull of the water, though, you know something is wrong. Perhaps you genuinely cannot face packing your tool kit before heading out over the big blue, simply knowing that your vessel's engine is going to give you grief. If you're spending more time working on your boat's vital innards than enjoying your time on the water, it might be time to send it to the big boatyard in the sky.

Do you find yourself longing for a shiny, new boat?Do you find yourself longing for a shiny, new boat?

2. It's a rusty bucket that's not longer seaworthy

Take a walk along any coastal city's harbour, and it's likely to be awash with beautiful boats of all shapes and sizes. Now have a look at the tired-looking tub sitting outside your home. Doesn't quite compare, does it? You might well be embarrassed to take your ancient vessel out on the water next to these state-of-the-art wonders, and that's no way to begin a boating trip.

Worse, it may no longer be fit to be out on the water - and that's a dangerous game. If you find yourself going green when out on the water (with envy, not seasickness!) it might be time to trade in your boat for a younger, modern model - and there's no shame in that.

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