How pictures can help to sell your boat

When it comes to selling your boat, you want the process to be as quick and easy as possible. After all, the sooner you have the money from the sale in your bank account, the sooner you can buy a new boat!

There are several steps you can take to make the sale smoother. One of those is to take good, clear photos of your boat that make your boat look its best. Here's how pictures can help you to sell your boat. 

1. Good photos show your boat in the best light

To get both the best price and eager buyers, you want to show off your boat in all its glory. That means flattering photos of a sparkling, clean vessel. Enticing images will draw a lot more interest than poor photos or none at all. 

Just as well put together photos can attract people, having photos of a messy, dirty or generally unkempt boat can put people off, so make sure you put some effort into your photo shoot and choose only the best shots for your advertisements. Before you take the photos you'll use to sell your boat, you can repair any minor cosmetic issues such as torn upholstery, rust spots or scratches to the hull. 

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2. You can advertise in more places

Selling your boat quickly and efficiently means advertising it in multiple places. Sure, parking it next to a busy road can ensure your vessel is seen by lots of people, but placing ads online on various websites can get you even more exposure to potential buyers. 

The internet is now one of the first places people look when they want to buy a new boat, so only advertising offline can make the selling process much more drawn out. 

3. You can give buyers a better idea of what you are selling

It can save you and your buyer a lot of time if you have clear photos showing your boat in your advertisement. Before they even come to look at it, the buyer will know more or less the condition of the boat, which saves you from having to set up a viewing and put aside time to meet with a buyer, only to have the sale fall through because the boat wasn't exactly what they were expecting. 

It's best to have clear images of your boat and be upfront about any wear and tear, or other issues. Use your photos to show off the best aspects of your boat, but also to point out any damage it may have, so that you have a better chance of settling the sale when a buyer comes to see it in person. 

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4. You can get a valuation of your boat done online

If you have good photos of your boat, you can send them over to Hunts Marine and we'll work out an estimated value for you. This won't cost you anything, so you're basically getting a free market evaluation of your boat without needing to tow it anywhere! 

After getting a valuation done, you can choose to either sell or trade with confidence, knowing you will be offered a competitive price by boating experts. The whole process is quick and easy - so fast you could have the cash from the sale in your bank account within 24 hours!

To find out more about how Hunts Marine can help you sell your boat, reach out to our friendly team today.