How to choose a stereo system for your boat

Boating is an activity all about having fun in the sun, something that's always improved by adding some killer tunes. Whether you're into classic rock, modern hip hop or 1970s funk, a quality marine stereo system can do all genres justice, as well as stand against the punishment that comes from being in marine environment.

Here are three tips for buying a stereo system for your boat.

1. Make sure your speakers are powerful enough for your needs

An open boat is a very different acoustic environment to most others we're familiar with. In a car, you're sitting in a little box in which sound is able to reverberate. Not so on a boat - all of the sound can easily escape, meaning your speakers need to be fairly powerful. These 120w Fusion marine speakers will make sure you can hear every lyric, snare hit and guitar lick in your favourite songs.

All that said, if you're not planning on blasting AC/DC's "Back in Black" at eardrum shattering volumes, you might be better suited with something a little simpler like the Fusion Slim Line Panel stereo. It can be mounted on any flat surface without the need for a cutout, and has a speaker and all playback components built-in.

2. Choose a head that will play music in the format you use

How do you listen to your music? Streaming? FM Radio? Downloaded audio files? The answer is going to impact what kind of stereo head is best for you. Heads like the Fusion MS-UD755 can receive audio through bluetooth or USB, meaning all the beats on your phone will play just fine. It also has an AM/FM radio, so tuning in to your favourite station will be a breeze.

3. Install a sub woofer

To really get the most out of your music on your boat you're going to want to instal a subwoofer. As a speaker dedicated to produce low frequency sounds (something regular speakers have trouble producing due to their size) the bass range of your tracks will be treated to a welcome boost. A sub can make the difference between everything sounding tinny and hollow or rich and full.

To learn more about choosing and installing a stereo system for your boat, get in touch with a member of the Hunts Marine team today.

August 03, 2018 by Castleford Media