Hunts Marine at the Sydney Boat Show

The 3-7 August saw the Sydney Boat Show back at Darling Harbour for the first time since 2013 - a timely occurrence, seeing as 2017 was the show's 50th anniversary. Darling Harbour had been the home of the show since 1989, with repairs beginning in 2013 forcing the show to find a temporary new home. In a triumphant return, the 2017 show saw over 63,000 people come and see the various vendor displays, demonstrations, and exhibitions.

Hunts Marine was there with 34 boats on display. Models from Quintrex, Whittley, Glastron and CruiseCraft graced the show floor.

A short history of the Sydney Boat Show

The Sydney Boat Show has been organised since its inception by the Boating Industry Association (BIA). As the largest boat show in Australia, it attracts exhibitors from all over the country.

The show first welcomed attendees in 1968, at the Hordern Pavilion at Moore Park. This was its home until the mid 1980s, a time which saw it without a permanent location for three years. Finally, in 1989, the show moved to the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, its current home.

What was new this year?

As in other years, the Sydney Boat Show featured a wide variety of attractions in addition to the standard boat and accessory exhibitions. 

A fishing master class was held twice a day. Attendees didn't have to book - you could just rock up and listen to as many of the speakers as you wanted.

One of the new features for 2017 was the event deck, an area with several swimming pools that featured live demonstrations of kayaks and stand up paddleboards, the Prawn and Oyster Bar, an ice cream stall for the kids, and the Garden Bar.

30 percent of the show's audience doesn't own a boat.

Another part of the show this year was the My First Boat precinct. Domenic Genua, National Manager of the Boating Industry Association, told Luke Grant in a News Talk 4BC interview that 30 percent of the show's audience doesn't own a boat. It's unknown whether these people have owned a boat in the past or are completely new to boating, but what's clear is that the show attracts a large number of people who may be looking to buy.

Designed for those that are completely new, the My First Boat area was open for people to come and have a chat with experienced boaters about how to get into the pastime, and how to best spend their time at the rest of the show.

The Boating Development Centre aimed to serve to other 70 percent of attendees that did own a boat and were looking for some extra tips. Presentations ran throughout the day, on a variety of topics like trailer maintenance, boat electronics and an explanation of sonar technology. 

Hunts Marine at the show

Hunts Marine had a variety of boats on the show floor this year. Here's a small selection of what was on display.

The Quintrex 550 Freestyler

The biggest change to the Freestylers this year is the newly designed Apex hull. Quintrex says the new design has greater strength, with 4mm bottom sheets and 3mm side sheets made from marine grade aluminium. Performance is enhanced too, due to a few key design features, like the flare extending further aft to stay in contact with the water and the widened chine for increased grip in the corners. The 550 modelwas on display at the show.

The 550 Freestyler has the new Apex hull.The 550 Freestyler features the new Apex hull.

It features a 130 hp fuel injected outboard and features a 5.55 metre long, 2.35 metre wide Apex hull.

The Quintrex 510 Frontier

The Frontier series features the same Apex hull as the Freestylers mentioned above, but the difference is the Frontier series is aimed at serious fishermen.

As with the Freestylers, the 510 Frontier has a new Apex hull.As with the Freestylers, the 510 Frontier has a new Apex hull.

The 510 Frontier can come in a side or centre console configuration. Both have a 90 hp fuel injected outboard, and feature a 5.19 metre long, 2.30 metre wide Apex hull.

The Whittley SL 20

Although the Sea Legend 20 is the smallest in the Sea Legend series, it's still a great performer. A heavy-duty fishing boat, it has a deep V hull that's 23 degrees at the transom. It also comes packed with features as standard - a 30 litre live bait tank, four stainless rod holders and an alloy rocket launcher.

The Sea Legend 20 is a serious fishing machine.The Sea Legend 20 is a serious fishing machine.

The SL 20 has a 6.37 metre long, 2.40 metre wide hull. It's powered by a 200 hp V6, fuel injected Volvo Sterndrive

Missing the Sydney Boat show doesn't have to mean missing out on buying that boat you've been thinking about. Contact the team at Hunts Marine to have a chat about the options we have available to suit your preferences and budget. With a wide range of used and new boats, from respected brands like Quintrex, CruiseCraft and Glastron, Hunts Marine can find the perfect boat for you.

August 22, 2017 by Castleford Media
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