Hunts Marine's Sydney boat accessories department has moved!

Boat accessories and electronics are things that can make or break a day on the water. A fish finder that doesn't work, a faulty GPS, a busted stereo - all these can frustrate an otherwise fun outing. So if it's about time to replace those dodgy electronics - or perhaps you just want to buy your first ones - come and visit the team at our new Sydney accessories showroom at 259 West St, Carlton. Open six days a week, the team is ready to dispense tailored advice to all that seek it.

The in-store team

The best part of shopping in a physical retail store is that you can talk to the experts, face-to-face. Our new Sydney showroom boasts three knowledgeable gents - Mark, Paul and Marcus - that can help you find whatever it is you're looking for.

The team at Hunts Marine's Sydney accessories department. The team at Hunts Marine's Sydney accessories department. From left: Mark, Paul and Marcus.

Together, they have over 50 years experience working at Hunts Marine, helping and informing customers with all manner of budgets and needs. Marcus alone has been with us for 32 years! Numbers like that mean you can trust what the fellas' advise. You don't stay in a job that long without learning a thing or two, and the crew at Hunts Marine are among the best.

What's the store like?

When you visit the store, you'll find that we do things a little different at Hunts Marine. We like to keep almost all of our products in stock, and they're set up in store so you can come and test them out in person. Buying online is handy, but nothing quite beats getting your hands on a product before you commit to a purchase. We also like to get the most popular products in a range - this means we can buy products in bulk and bring our loyal customers lower prices.

You'll find many of our products are set up for demonstration.You'll find many of our products are set up for demonstration.

Another great advantage of shopping at one of our physical stores is that they also double as our service centres. If you find a product you like in the store, but aren't quite sure how to fit it, the team can install it for you. They'll be more than happy to give you a demo of how to use it, too.

Electronics brands we stock

Some of the most popular kinds of products in our store are electronics

We stock a wide variety of fish-finders, from multiple different brands - Lowrance, Furuno, Garmin and Humminbird. These work by sending out a SONAR signal, which reflect back to the receiver. Any fish that are found show up on an LCD screen.

We also have marine GPS units from Garmin, Lowrance and Furuno. Once a navigation tool only found on the most expensive boats, GPS receivers have come down dramatically in price and are now affordable to all.

It's not just practical electronics we stock - you can also find a variety of entertainment products made by brands like Fusion and GME. From stereos and speakers, to DVD players and TV set-top-boxes, we have the products that can meet all your marine entertainment needs.

After some new accessories for your boat? Are you in the Sydney area? Why not come visit the team at the accessories and service centre? You can give them a bell if you'd like to find out whether the item you're after is in stock, or just come on in to the shop and ask. Whatever floats your boat!