Cruise Craft with Yamaha next-gen F300 Marine Engine

When it comes to marine engines and parts, Hunts Marine has you covered! Our extensive range of marine engines and parts include Yamaha and Evinrude ETEC outboard motors as well as Mercury MerCruiser engines and Minn Kota electric boat motors.

With so many quality marine engines on the market, it can be hard to know where to start! Here are our top tips for choosing a great engine for your boat – and of course our expert team at Hunts Marine are always on hand to help you out.

Choose the ideal amount of power for your boat
Most boats are designed with specific kinds of marine engines in mind & your boat’s size, weight and hull structure will all play a part in this. A great rule of thumb is to buy the maximum recommended horsepower rated for your boat. This approach will mean that your boat will handle well, especially in rough conditions or for water sports like water skiing or tubing; it will have better fuel efficiency and still perform when you have the maximum passenger load on board.

Know Your Boat – and what you’ll be using it for
Sitting outside the boat, outboard motors are ideal if you want more room in your boat for fishing, passengers and accessories, and the flexibility of adjusting your motor for different water depths and conditions. Historically Outboard motors were slightly lighter, quieter and more fuel efficient but the gap is narrowing as the Sterndrive engine technology continues to evolve.

Designed to power boats for fishing, cruising and water sports, the benefit of Sterndrive, inboard and tow sport engines is a more flexible boat layout with room at the back for a diving platform, fishing rod rack, additional seats, or even a sunbed.

Consider the Conditions
With their modern advancements and efficiency, a single 4 stroke marine engine will be sufficient for most boats, however occasionally multiple outboard marine engines may be considered for additional peace of mind offshore.

While all marine engines will operate in both saltwater and freshwater, saltwater is corrosive, so it’s essential to flush the engine with fresh water after every salt water use to maintain it in good condition.


When it comes time to service your outboard or sterndrive it's worth calling Hunts Marine. All our mechanics are factory trained and we have all the latest tools and software to keep – or return – your engine to top condition.  

Choosing a marine engine for your boat is an important decision. Insufficient power means higher fuel consumption, a more sluggish and less enjoyable ride and ultimately less time spent on the water, while an engine that meets your need will minimise costs and enhance your boating experience!

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