Now is the the time to Sell Your Boat!

Have you been thinking about selling your boat recently? Whether you’re no longer using it as much as you want to, taking a break from boating for the time being or looking to upgrading your current boat. Now is the time to sell!

Selling your boat privately means hours of work before you see your boat leave your driveway for the last time and receive money in your account.

The sale of your boat can depend on many factors: how well you advertise it, how well- presented your boat is and even the season can impact the number of people interested in buying it from you. Get the timing or price wrong and you could inadvertently hinder a quick sale. It could take months to sell your boat, with costs and frustration mounting the whole time.

We understand it’s not easy to part with a boat you have loved, but it may not be
forever! For many it’s about having some time out before you buy your next boat
and at Hunts Marine we can provide reassurance and help steer you in the right

Is it true I can sell my boat in 24 hours through Hunts Marine?
It is true! You can skip right over the hassle of advertising, setting a price, arranging viewings and all of the other steps involved in selling a boat privately when you go through a dealer like Hunts Marine. Selling your boat through a dealer has the major benefit of being convenient.

The fastest way to sell a boat is through a dealer and at Hunts Marine, all
settlements are made within 24 hours of bringing your boat into one of our
dealerships. That means you can have your boat taken off your hands and cash in your bank in less than a day. Plus, when you sell your boat to Hunts Marine, you can enjoy peace of mind over the price. With the help of independent valuers, we make sure you get a good price for your vessel, so you don't need to sell for a rock-bottom amount just to clear your driveway. To make things even smoother, our sales team'can come to you, free of charge

Here at Hunts Marine we also offer the option of boat trade-ins, so you can move
straight on to a shiny new vessel. To find out more about selling your boat contact Hunts Marine today or organise to have your boat valued with Hunts Marine.