Seeing what Seadoos are all about: an interview with Ben, jet ski fanatic

A passion for watercraft is the driving force behind what we do at Hunts Marine. One of our employees who represents our enthusiasm and knowledge of personal watercraft is Ben Goodwin, a mechanic at our Batemans Bay showroom and workshop. Ben has owned three Seadoos over the years and we heard he had just picked up a brand new one.

We caught up with him to find out more about his latest jet ski and what fuels his passion for Seadoos.

Hi Ben! We understand you recently got your hands on a brand new Seadoo. Can you tell us about your recent purchase?

"I purchased a jet ski and received it late last week. It's a Wake Pro 230 supercharged Seadoo, the new version, 2017 model. I had to wait for it to come in because there weren't any in the country at the time that I bought it, so it's still in the box out the back. I'm looking forward to getting it out of the box and onto the water."

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Why did you choose a Seadoo?

"I chose Seadoo because I've ridden heaps of jet skis working here and I find that they are the best by far. I've purchased three Seadoos while working here. When it came to buying the ski, it didn't take me long to figure out the exact model I wanted. 

Honestly, I wouldn't purchase anything else, no other jet ski on the market even comes close. Seadoo's research and design is second to none. They have been ahead of every other brand for a period of time now. I wouldn't look back and wouldn't change it for the world."

What was it about this particular model that appealed to you?

"I love going up the river with my fiance and my best mate, going wakeboarding, skiing and tubing, spending a weekend up the river. That's what I bought it for, just water sports in general. And this Seadoo has everything on it - a ski pole, a wakeboard holder, ski mode. It's just an all-round perfect jet ski for the purpose I've bought it for."

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What do you mostly use your Seadoo for?

"If I'm by myself, I like to do a bit of offshore adventure, so I might travel up and down the coast. It's always good just to get away, especially when you're by yourself on the jet ski, it's a whole other world. Cruising round the bays, it's beautiful.

I have been to Montague Island off Narooma before with three of my mates, on the jet skis. We went from Tomakin boat ramp down to Narooma, and out to Montague Island, which is just off Narooma. Then back to Tuross River, we went to have lunch at Tuross and made it back to Tomakin. I worked out that was roughly 120kms round trip. There was quite a large sea at the time, but there was no wind, so it was awesome fun out there."

Ben explained the versatility of Seadoos and how he can take is jet ski out in different seasons and weather conditions. 

"I use it during summer and during winter, doesn't really bother me. I just chuck a wetsuit on and go for it.

If there is a large sea and it's not windy you can go out there and have a few jumps of the waves and not even get wet."

If you want to have as much fun out on the water as Ben, drop by to check out the range of Seadoos we have available.