What are the innovative technologies found on Quintrex boats?

'Quintrex' has long been a byword for reliability, grace, strength and performance when it comes Australian boating. When you invest in a Quintrex from Hunts Marine, whether it's a Renegade, Bowrider or any model in between, you can rest assured that you're getting value for money. In the ever-competitive boating market, manufacturers must constantly strive to remain innovative and ahead of the game, which is the bedrock on what Quintrex's success has been built.

The proudly Australian brand has been building top quality aluminium boats for the best part of 70 years.

The proudly Australian brand has been building top quality aluminium boats for the best part of 70 years, and to have kept their boats fresh, interesting and revered for so long is testament to their always impressive design. In this article, we're going to take a look at a few innovations that have ensured Quintrex boats are always among the first choices when it comes to purchasing a new vessel. Remember, you can always get in touch with our knowledgeable, helpful team who will be more than happy to talk you through the finer points of any of our boats.

The Blade Hull

One of the hallmarks of any Quintrex boat has always been the stability of its ride in even the choppiest of waters. This is largely down to the meticulous attention to detail that the firm's engineers pay to the design of the hull. The latest and greatest incarnation, the patented Blade Hull, is perhaps one of the most striking features of recent Quintrex vessels. As with their hulls of the past, the Blade uses stretch-forming technology to enable the boat to glide effortlessly through the waves. However, this is more than just a simple update, as the Blade Hull does not utilise the 'clinker' side pressings of the yesteryear.

Rather, the Blade Hull opts for a 'smooth look' side sheet, which, when combined with stretch-forming technology, provides a slick-looking component equipped to deal with the most mountainous of sea conditions. Quintrex themselves state that the Blade Hull is their most advanced yet. Indeed, when we spoke to one our customers, George Helou, about his Quintrex 610 Cruiseabout, it was the sturdiness of the ride that stood out most to him, and his favourite aspect of the new purchase.

Rear Lounge

Heading out into New South Wales' shimmering seas for a relaxing afternoon's fishing is what boating is all about. Sometimes you may enjoy the solitude of just you, your rod and a big bucket of bait, but the ocean can be just as enjoyable with your friends and family around. This is why Quintrex's Rear Lounges, which appear on the new Cruiseabouts and Ocean Spirits, have been incorporated - for the ultimate in ocean-going entertainment.

The Rear Lounge lends plenty of room for both relaxation and casting in a line, but there is also ample space for if you decide to bring along a few others. When used as a party pontoon, the Rear Lounge is stylish, comfortable and practical. You won't be falling over each other when that big snapper bites, as the broad, comfortable seat offers space for plenty. The built-in backrest means you'll get the support you need when fighting a whopper, and for even more entertainment room, the Rear Lounge will fold neatly away into the transom.

The Blade Hull of the Quintrex 610 Cruiseabout will cut effortlessly through the water.The Blade Hull of the Quintrex 610 Cruiseabout will cut effortlessly through the water.

Raised top deck

Ergonomics are hugely important in boat design, which is why the good folk at Quintrex have been beavering away at a new raised top deck for the Cruiseabout range, pairing it with a low profile windscreen. The material, stabilised for UV, has been crafted to the optimum height for the finest visibility through the windscreen. This allows you to pick out top fishing spots or easily avoid any obstacles that you may come across. Additionally, the new dash design delivers extra space for you to play with, so fill your boots if you want to mount fish finders or a GPS device - there's room for everything!

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