Hi Jon, it is with pleasure that I provide the following notes on my recent purchase of a Quintrex Trident 610 Hardtop. My sales person was Mr Ian Coops. From beginning to end, with many, many emails and phone calls in-between, Ian remained responsive and courteous (and very knowledgable in a most practical way). I am a scientist by 'trade' and this is my fourth boat, and by far, the best one. At well over $100,000 it was not cheap; I wanted all sorts of gear on the Trident, as I plan to go out, and stay out, overnight. The work done by Hunts by first rate and believe me (as an amateur engineer on top of being a scientist) I am pedantic and demanding. I make my own parts on a lathe and know a fair bit about GPSs, radars, rate compasses and so on. Although there were a few scratches and chips on the paint, here and there, I am pretty sure these were done by Quintrex, at the factory, not Hunts. The Trident also has a StressFree anchor and trailer winch, and a BoatLatch, the latter being well known as 'tricky to fit'. Everything was done properly at Hunts.

One of the things that really amazed me (and still does) is that as I added on extras, some of which were expensive, the total price didn't really go up all that much. The fitment done by Hunts was class; no threaded nuts or bolts, sealant applied properly, and all the gear working perfectly on pick-up. The trailer winch flexed quite a bit when recovering the boat, but again, was set up according to the manufacturer, so thumbs up! (Since then I have added 4 M9 Stainless Steel nuts/bolts and the flexing has gone).

I do need to mention the camping body, arranged by Hunts and done by Mobile Boat Covers (http://www.mobileboatcovers.com.au/). It fits; it's pretty; it can be rolled up or taken off completely in a minute; and almost no rain gets in. And, I can still walk all around the boat; well done Mobile Boat Covers. And the roof (the Bimini) is cantilevered, so there are only a single set of poles on a 6.3 m (LOA) boat. Whether fishing or relaxing, that extra space is worth gold in my opinion.

Finally, my fourth (and last) boat ran 80 km/h (43 knots) on our first test run in Sydney, just as Hunts said it would. I wholeheartedly and unconditionally recommend Hunts Marine. Real professions in world where that term is looking a little 'bankrupted'. It was, and continues to be, a pleasure dealing with Hunts Marine. I am quite comfortable being contacted over this testimonial on laughlin327@gmail.com. I live and work in Canberra, and play in Jervis Bay. I am happy for my words to be published, of course.
- Gregory Laughlin

November 04, 2015 by Jon Hunt
Tags: testimonial