When I first came into Hunts Marine at Yallah I had an idea of what sort of boat I was looking to buy, but I had zero experience in boats. I had approx $20K to spend and was a little concerned that this was not going to be enough to buy a new boat as another boat shop had told me that I would only be able to afford a second hand boat for that price range. Ash was the sales lady at Hunts that served me. I could not be happier with her service. She assured me that the new boat I had found on your web page was a great choice for me. I was looking to buy my husband a new boat for his birthday but had to keep it as a surprise. Ash made sure of what activities we would be doing with the boat and sold me the Fishabout 430 that day.

I was worried that because I had 3 months till the surprise that I would get a phone call or some mail that would give the surprise away but Ash made sure she never contacted me. She waited till I contacted her for different reasons. What I liked about Hunts Yallah is that it was very casual in that I never felt pressured at anytime and I felt at ease at what I was buying once I spoke to Ash. It wasn't a typical sales yard. Also after I picked up the boat, the follow up phone calls were much appreciated by my husband and I so we could ask any questions. My husband was very surprised and over the moon about his Quintrex 430 Fishabout. A nice touch to the West Tigers stripes that I picked for the side of the boat was the Tigers key ring that Ash had attached to the key.
- Rebecca Baxter

June 15, 2016 by Jon Hunt
Tags: testimonial