I am now a proud owner of a Quintrex 481 Fishabout. I say proud as I have been looking for a boat that had to satisfy all my requirements which included a light towable boat under 1 tonne, my tow vehicle is a Rav 4 max tow 2.5 tonne, the boat had to fit in my garage, I needed a boat that is wide and stable when at anchor, it had to be as light as possible so my wife and I could it manage it safely as we are retired now, the power of the E TEC 75 has the WOW factor, I found the steering was heavy for my wife and myself and Blake at Hunts Marine said no problem so I am having power steering fitted. All in all the presentation of the trailer, boat, and the many options available made it easy for me to select a combination that ticked all the boxes for my requirements. I am really looking forward to enjoying this boat, to me this is a little big boat. Cheers,
- Col N Wen

September 08, 2020 by Jon Hunt