A proud owner is an understatement. First, I would like to say thanks to yourself and the staff from Hunts Marine of Wollongong, your knowledge and support at your shop was nothing but amazing let alone the support you gave me via phone.  The 590 Frontier stood up to all its expectation I was after and a whole lot more, the handling is out of this world with the new APEX hull & 150 Yamaha outboard on the back.  Launching and retrieving in and out of the water with the new trailer was brilliant, the boat was set up exactly as I asked, and I couldn’t off asked for anything better.  Towing was also better than expected with the size of the boat, highway speed was as if it wasn’t even on the back. When I had a chance to get it in the water due to the weather it handled superbly and after you alter the trim it even went better it was like hitting the turbo, the ride was so smooth even in a bit of dirty water it was as if you were sitting in a luxury car.   

I will have no hesitation at all to recommend Hunts Marine to anyone, your superior knowledge and service from the hole team stood out well above all other competitors. 

Looking forward to further dealings with you and your team as I can’t see in the for coming future me going anywhere else for any product involving watercraft.

Lots of fun to come

 Again, thank-you Blake, and please pass on my sincere gratitude to the team of Hunts Marine Yallah.   It is a professional team of the modern times and you should be very proud of it.  

If you want to place this onto the reviews for your company then please feel free to do so.


Glen Piazza

December 17, 2021 by Jon Hunt