Furuno FCV-600: 5.7 inch Digital Colour Sounder.

Price is for head unit only. See below for transducer selection.

Brand: Furuno
SKU: IMD040670AA

New from the ground up with a host of revolutionary technologies, The FCV600 and FCV800 clearly distinguish fish from other structures such as seabed and reef. the FCV600 and FCV800 are capable of using TruEcho CHIRP and traditional Pulse transducers. This helps you fish more effectively than ever before. With Colour Range Expansion, the range of identifiable echoes is expanded so you can intuitively identify bottom fish from the seabed. Reefs, structure, and fish near the seabed are shown in slightly separated colours, making it easy to tell structure from fish at a glance. New Sunlight and Yellow colour schemes also offer enhanced visibility under bright sunlight conditions. With wireless connectivity a second display can be installed to show the echoes and nav data from the FCV-600 and FCV-800 via wireless network, so you can monitor the underwater situation from the stern or bow while fishing. For the full Furuno FCV-600 brochure click here.

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