All canopies consist of a main body colour and a second colour for the 'piping' or edging. For example if you choose black, blue and grey stripes on your boat you could choose either a black canopy with black piping, blue with black piping or grey with black piping. You generally match the 2 canopy colours to the 2 strongest stripe colours on the boat. 

1 Bimini Canopy
10 Sock for Bimini Canopy
2 Bow Cover
11a Extra Height Bimini
3 Rocket Launchers
12 Centre Console Bimini
13 Front and Side Clears
5 Open Boat Bimini
14 Roof Racks
6 Backdrop
16 Tonneau Travel cover 
7 Front Sun Awning
17 Rear Sun Awning 
8 All Over cover
9 Stainless Rocket Launchers 
Stripe Black Jet Black
Stripe Ocean Blue Captain Navy
Stripe Olympic Blue Pacific Blue
Stripe Light Grey Cadet Grey
Stripe Red Red
Stripe Dark Green Persian Green
Canopy Orange Orange