Quintrex Apex Hull

Quintrex Apex Hull

True to its name, the Apex Hull offers the pinnacle of boating with years of research and development leading to superior performance on the water – You have never seen a boat quite like this before!

Harder, Better, Stronger

The Apex Hull not only provides ultimate on-water performance but are truly built tough to last with increased Hull strength created with 4mm bottom sheets and 3mm side sheets of pressed marine grade aluminium across the Frontier & Freestyler ranges.  The 630 size models even receive a standard upgrade to 5mm.

Leading Design

The Apex Hull stands out as one on the most innovative and modern hull designs you will see on the water. The lines of the Apex Hull combined with the forked bow and sleek windscreen profile (Freestyler models) provide a refreshing, modern look to aluminium boat design, one that has never been seen before that is for sure.

All About the Ride

The future of aluminium boating has changed forever as the Apex Hull delivers unbelievable on water performance created by a combination of these key factors:

  • The flare is carried further aft to maintain continual contact with the water when on the plane creating an even, smooth ride.
  • The wider, sweeping chine design opens the front of the hull to allow the flaring to carry further forward up the stem line, consequently improving rough water performance. By widening the chine on the Apex Hull, Quintrex have achieved increased stability and grip when cornering.
  • The increased surface area at the bow of the Apex Hull provides much greater lift, ensuring a level attitude.