Baystar Side Mount Steering Kit up to 150hp Part # 291570.


Brand: Hunts Marine
Categories: Steering

The Baystar Side Mount steering kit is one of the simplest kits on the market and suits almost any outboard that has a threaded tilt tube. You just need to make sure that you have the side clearance of approx 500mm for the Ram to fit without fouling on the outboard motor well or transom. It is rated up to 150hp single engine only and has an anodised alloy cylinder for reduced friction and longer seal life, chromed stainless steel push rod and patented non feedback steering lock valves. It is 5.9 turns lock to lock. Not suitable for racing or high performance engines.
Kits Include:
• BayStar helm pump standard 291490
• BayStar side mount cylinder 291072
• 15m 292997 semi rigid nylon hose kit (You trim it to correct length)
• 4 x 293610 nut and olive kit
• 1 x 291898 filler kit
• 2 x 291902 1 litre SeaStar Solutions® oil

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