Fisherman Top Bimini - 4 sizes in 2 colours.


Brand: Hunts Marine
SKU: MA-050-1 Blue
Categories: Canopies and Covers

Made from 32mm anodised aluminium tube with UV resistant nylon components, “The Fisherman Top” is designed for small – medium “open style” boats. The top offers excellent shelter from the sun and rain as well as safe mounting for equipment on board such as Navigation lights, Antennas, Deck lights and Rod Holders. Note: Rod holders in the picture are an optional extra. Its very sturdy and travels well at speeds of up to about 70km/h on the water and is suitable for road trailering at moderate speeds. The bimini is 1.55m high from the deck mounting point and they are all 1.55m long as well. Its just the mounting width that varies. You can choose between navy blue or black material. Click on Product Name above to see full details of fitting and sizing to suit your boat.

Code Canopy Width Mounting Width
MA050-1 1.23m 1.5m - 1.7m
MA050-2 1.43m 1.7m - 1.9m
MA050-3 1.63m 1.9m - 2.1m
MA050-4 1.83m 2.1m - 2.3m

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