Oceansouth Jumbo Cover


Brand: Hunts Marine
Categories: Canopies and Covers

All Oceansouth Covers are light grey in colour and are made from a 600 denier premium woven dope dyed polyester fabric which is breathable and water repellent. They are designed to be semi custom fit covers and are a perfect choice when you need something to store your boat from the sun, rain, leaves, dust and birds. They are not really designed for trailing at high speeds however can be towed provided they are fitted tightly and correctly as per instructions. Click on Product Name above to see full details of fitting and sizing to suit your boat.


 Code Boat Length Max Beam Width Overall Fabric Length
MA501-0 5.2m-5.8m 2.40m 7680mm
MA501-1 5.8m-6.4m 2.40m 8180mm
MA501-2 6.4m-7.0m 2.50m 8830mm
MA501-3 7.0m-7.6m 2.70m 9480mm
MA501-4 7.6m-8.2m 2.90m 10080mm

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