Oceansouth Universal Cowl Storage Cover


Brand: Hunts Marine
Categories: Canopies and Covers

All Oceansouth Universal Cowl Storage Covers are light grey in colour and are made from a polyester fabric which is breathable and water repellent. Great for keeping the sun, rain and dirt off your engine cowl. They are soft felt lined for superior protection and have a draw string at the bottom for a snug fit. Note: They are for storage only and cannot be used when the engine is running. Click on Product Name above to see full details of fitting and sizing to suit your engine.

Code Suits Length/Width/Height mm
MA074-1 Up to 15hp 520 x 270 x 320
MA074-2 15hp-30hp 560 x 300 x 400
MA074-3 30hp-60hp 620 x 360 x 490
MA074-4 60hp-100hp 680 x 400 x 530
MA074-5 100hp-150hp 740 x 460 x 580
MA074-6 175hp-250hp 820 x 500 x 600

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