Oceansouth Universal Full Outboard Storage Cover


Brand: Hunts Marine
Categories: Canopies and Covers

All Oceansouth Universal Full Outboard Storage Covers are light grey in colour and are made from a polyester fabric which is breathable and water repellent. Great for keeping the sun, rain and dirt off your entire engine. They are soft felt lined for superior protection and have a zip up section and draw string at the front for a tight fit. Click on Product Name above to see full details of fitting and sizing to suit your engine.

Code Suits Circumference at Cowl Max Height
MA075-1 0-3.5hp 1260mm 980mm
MA075-2 3.5-6hp 1400mm 1100mm
MA075-3 8-20hp 1500mm 1250mm
MA075-4 9.9-30hp 1650mm 1370mm
MA075-5 25-60hp 1800mm 1440mm
MA075-6 40-100hp 2000mm 1700mm
MA075-7 70-150hp 2260mm 1900mm
MA075-8 135-250hp 2485mm 1970mm
MA075-9 200-300hp 2540mm 1980mm
MA075-9L 200-300hp 2540mm 2100mm

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