Quick Connect Steering Kits - 3 Turn


Brand: Hunts Marine
Categories: Steering

Manufactured by Seastar, these Quick Connect kits are a quality product and are used all the time in our workshops. Trying to match up and replace old steering cables from brands that are no longer available is a real hassle so with these kits it is quicker, cheaper and easier to just replace the whole lot. All you do is reuse your steering wheel. Like any mechanical steering system they are designed for all engines up to and including V4 models. They are 3 turn lock to lock and everything in the picture is supplied. All you need to do is choose your cable length. Note: Most older cables have the length stamped in the outer plastic cover towarads the helm end of the cable. When measuring your old cable you measure from the large alloy nut that screws on to the engine tilt tube to where the inner cable starts to come out of the outer cable plus 450mm.
• Compact rotary helm occupies minimal space behind dash

• Cable will fit through minimum channel of 23mm
• Standard ¾" tapered steering wheel shaft
• Stainless steel cable output end minimises corrosion
• Meets ABYC, NMMA and BIA requirements

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