Shark Flex Suspension Seat Base.


Brand: Hunts Marine
SKU: 293884
Categories: Seating

Take one look at Sharks back-saving suspension and you will see it right away..... Only one moving part (the shock absorber) mounted to two rugged, but elegant injection moulded leaf-springs which have a massive 200mm of movement without any of the sharp edges and pinch-points found on other suspension set ups. Measuring 300mm wide and 400mm high, (See pictures for all mounting dimensions) the Sharks unique "Flex" design absorbs impact on three-axis since waves don't just pitch straight up or down!

Ideal for making your ride softer.
• The Flex suspension unit is simple with only one moving part.
• Self adjusts for passengers from 40kg to 120kg.
• Exclusive stainless steel shock absorber.
• Three-axis shock mitigation for reduced whiplash from lateral and fore-aft forces.
• Small foot print.
• Non-corroding 316G stainless and Flexanite.
• Low maintenance.
• Tested 1 million full 10G impacts (200mm displacement, 100ms duration at 100kg payload).
• Light weight and easy to install.
• Complies with HSC 2000 Annex 10.
• 3 years warranty.

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