Stainless Universal 3 Piece Rocket Launcher - 3 sizes.


Brand: Hunts Marine
Categories: Canopies and Covers
These three piece rocket launchers are fully welded, linished and hand polished to a mirror finish. The 3 piece was developed because of the age old problem that one piece rocket launchers eventually crack on the stress points such as the top bends and where the chimneys attach.
-5 mounting brackets included for accessories such as flood lights, radio aerials, GPS Aerial, Etc
-6 Chimneys with rolled bottoms, gimble pins and plastic tops to protect your rods.
-Rear grab rails for passenger comfort and safety.
-Bimini Mounting Rail Built-In.
-4 Feet tube ends and deck mount fixing hardware supplied

With a height (head clearance to deck) of 1260mm they are available in 3 sizes to suit different different deck widths. The Small suits deck widths of 1600mm to 1800mm and is 1500mm wide at the top internally between the grab handles, the Medium suits 1800mm to 2000mm and is 1700 wide at the top and the Large suits 2000mm to 2200mm and is 1900mm wide at the top. See additional pictures for full dimensions.

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