Yamaha 4 Stroke Cowl Covers (Grey and White) - 2.5hp to 450hp.


Brand: Yamaha
SKU: Y2.5-4S
Categories: Yamaha Service

Note: White is only available in a limited number of late model engines and it is clearly marked against that selection in the drop down menu below. All other covers are the Yamaha Grey to match the engine colour. Genuine Yamaha Cowl covers are fully-vented engine covers specifically designed to protect the cowling whilst the engine is running. The covers fit like a second skin and are made from felt backed Polysoft marine grade fabric which is waterproof, breathable and UV stable. They are designed to remain on the engine at all times and will not cover the tell tail and exhaust ports. The covers are also designed to allow access to an internal fuel tank, where fitted. All covers are secured with marine grade shock cord that grips the engine just below where the cowling and engine head join. Note: Price will vary depending on size so make sure you select your engine in the drop down box below. Your model number will be found on the same little serial number sticker on the side of your engine.

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