3 questions to ask before repowering your boat

If the engine on your boat has seen better days, you may be considering replacing it instead of hunting for an entirely new vessel. This is a great option for those who love their boat but need a bit more juice or reliability from their engine.

That said, repowering shouldn't be rushed into. There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before slapping a new engine on your pride and joy.

1. Do I need to change horsepower?

Boats perform best when fitted with an engine that matches the maximum rated horsepower for the hull. You can find this information by contacting the manufacturer or finding the boat's Australian Builder's Plate (ABP). 

Not only do boats perform better when running on their maximum rated horsepower, they should also have better fuel economy. With all that spare horsepower, you won't have to be pushing the engine as hard to achieve the same speeds as you did with your old engine.

2. What else will I need to upgrade?

Depending on the boat and the engine, you may need to upgrade other components when repowering. Your fuel system, for example, may not be able to supply the new engine with enough flow for it to perform at its best. The electrical systems too may be inadequate for the modern engine's needs.

As well as performance-based upgrades, you might also want to replace elements like your gauges and instruments. If your new engine has advanced electronic systems, you could benefit from using digital instruments, as they'll give you extra information like fuel consumption and efficient cruising speeds.

3. Should I change brands?

There is no reason why you have to stay with the brand of engine that came with your boat. That said, you'll know the systems on board should be compatible if you decide only to change the engine itself. A brand change may necessitate replacing a lot more of the ancillary components, which can be costly.

Changing the brand of your boat's engine may require replacing other components too.Changing the brand of your boat's engine may require replacing other components too.

Another reason you might want to change brands is because there are no service technicians available in your area. Given you'll be wanting to keep your shiny new engine in tip top shape, this is one of the better reasons to make a switch.

The answers to these questions will give you a good starting point in thinking about how to repower your boat, but they're only the beginning. For a professional opinion on what's best for your boat, contact a member of our team today.