Autumn Boating and Fishing Tips

With crystal clear days and fewer boats on the water, Autumn boating and fishing along the NSW coast is not to be missed! Here are our top tips for Autumn boating:

1. Autumn Fishing
Right up and down the NSW coast, Autumn is the best time of year to catch flat head, flounders and bream, plus there are more trevally, snapper and gemfish around as the weather – and waters – get cooler.

You can improve your chances of bringing home a feed with good quality Fish Finders and Depth or Echo Sounders. They use sonar technology to send sound waves that bounce off fish, water, and underwater structures, providing you with valuable information such as fish location, water depth, and even water temperature.

If you’re heading out with the family or a group of mates, then rod holders can help you to keep multiple lines in the water, and if you’re taking kids, it’s always a good idea to rig the lines before you go. As it starts to get dark earlier, check your lighting and consider small energy-efficient LED lights as they’re kind to the environment and cheaper to run.

2. Autumn Watersports
Autumn is a great time for watersports with the water still fairly warm and less competition for popular spots. Whether you’re into water-skiing, ski-tubing or knee boarding, make sure your gear is in good condition, you have life jackets for everyone and our top tip is to take extra towels for cooler days.

For the optimal comfort, consider padded seats or bench seat cushions, and perhaps a waterproof cover for your phone if you’re planning to get lots of shots.

3. Preparation is key
While there will be more spots at local wharves and boat ramps, it can get nippy so pack for the weather and of course make sure you have the right safety gear on board for your passengers.

Always check the tides, weather forecast and radar so you can plan for the conditions and be prepared for rough water if needed. The water can be muddy after lots of rain so keep an eye out for debris and submerged or partly submerged hazards.

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