Choosing a Centre, Side or Rear Boat Console

When it comes to buying a new boat, one of the decisions you’ll need to make is whether to go with a side console, centre console or rear console.

Here’s a run down on the pros – and cons – of each different boat style and what it means for you:

Centre Console: Designed to create space all the way around the boat for 360 degrees of fishing, the centre console and seat can vary in size from a single driver’s seat to a wider centre console. Boats with a centre console tend to be more stable, with additional weight sitting in the middle of the boat.

Bigger fishing boats tend to have a large centre console with a windscreen or cover which can provide shelter and a wind break for 2-3 passengers. This set up provides optimal viewing conditions, especially in rough waters, as well as protection on the open sea. The downside? In some models it can limit how easy it is to fish from the bow so everyone will be fishing from the side or the back of the boat.

Side Console: More popular in our Northern States, side consoles tend to be located on the starboard side (right), which traditionally suits those who are right handed. The major advantage of a side console is that it creates a clear, safe space from the back to the front of the boat, making it easy to move around and giving you a clear space to fish. Our only watch out is that boats with a side console can be slightly less stable if you head out on your own – with a lot of the weight on one side of the boat.

Rear Console: On some models of Quintrex as well as Yellowfin Plate boats, a rear console is available, with the driver’s seats located towards the back, most stable part of the boat. This provides a large, clear area at the front of the boat and has been designed to suit both inland and offshore fishing.

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