Quintrex Boat Experts

One of the questions we’re asked most often is what makes Quintrex such a good boat?

Recognised as Australia’s leading aluminium boat brand, Quintrex truly understand Australian conditions and what people are looking for in a boat.

Since 1945, Quintrex have invested in new innovations and features across their range to improve the boating experience resulting in a smoother, drier ride with better stability – and lots of people who wouldn’t buy anything else. Wondering what makes Quintrex so popular?

  • Quintrex has a variety of hull designs driven by top technology are tailored for specific environments and purposes:
    • The award-winning blade hull has been designed to cut through water, reducing spray to keep passengers drier and providing maximum lift to get the boat on to the plane nice and fast.
    • The familiar Quintrex flared bow has been synonymous with Quintrex for over 40 years. Its concave shape throws the spray out to the sides and down whereas a normal shaped bow on the competitor allows spray to ride up the side of the boat and back onto passengers.
    • The Eclipse Hull is v-shaped to provide all-round boat stability, while the Fighter Series Bow is fork-shaped, increasing the front casting platform by up to 11% and improving stability at rest so the boat is steadier while you’re out fishing.
  • Extra stability, storage and versatility is also achieved through boats being designed with wider and deeper bottoms than most of their competitors.
  • There’s also a wide variety of canopies, hull designs and inclusions as well as hull covers and vinyl wraps to make your Quintrex your own.
  • Great value for money with many elements such as fishing accessories like fishfinders, rod holders, stereos, two-way radios, lighting, ladders and canopies all standard features.

Do Quintrex boats hold their value? Known for their quality of finish and attention to detail, Quintrex boats hold their value well and people tend to hold onto them for many years.

Hunts Marine is proud to be the largest Quintrex dealer in NSW. We’ve been stocking Quintrex for over 75 years and our friendly team in Sydney, Wollongong and Batemans Bay are Quintrex experts! To find out more about our new and used Quintrex boats for sale go to HuntsMarine.com.au, head in store or give us a call on (02) 9546-1324.