Boat buying guide: Should you go for new or used?

When shopping around for a new boat, you'll inevitably face the question: should I buy new or used? 

To help you find the best option for you, let's take a look at the pros and cons of both new and used boats. 

There is a much wider range to choose from when you're shopping for a new boat.

Buying a new boat

It's always a good idea to buy new when you can. 

This way, you can be confident in the boat's history, meaning no concerns about the boat having been misused and you know you'll be able to take it out on the water straightaway, without having to make any repairs or adjustments. With a sleek new boat, maintenance should be minimal and routine, plus, you'll be fully covered by a warranty so you can be more secure in your purchase. 

When buying a new boat you typically have more options to customise it to your personal tastes, selecting optional extras such as hull or upholstery colour. 

You'll also find that there is a much wider range to choose from when you're shopping for a new boat, with the best new technology and advancements available. On top of that, you get to enjoy your boat while it's at it's shiniest and newest - nothing can beat that new boat gleam!

There is one major downside to shopping for a new boat, however - the price. New boats are more expensive, so if you are only just beginning to work your way up the boating ownership ladder, you might find used vessels fit your price range much better.

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Buying a used boat

Lower prices are often the most attractive thing about used boats, but there are plenty of other reasons to buy second hand.

Used boats may not have the latest technology, but you know that they have been tried and tested. There will be plenty of feedback from other boat owners available online, so you can read reviews and get an in-depth understanding of a model's capabilities before buying.

While new boats can depreciate quickly, used boats tend to lose their value at a slower rate, so when you eventually sell it you may get better value overall. On the other hand, older boats tend to require a bit more maintenance than newer ones, so you could end up spending more time and money on it.

Buying a second-hand boat from a private individual can also have some risks, as you don't know if there is something murky in its history. 

If you do opt for a used boat, your best bet is to buy through an experienced dealer. This way, you know the boats for sale will only be high-quality and will have passed comprehensive checks by professional technicians, plus you can get expert advice on the operation and upkeep of your new used boat. Although the used boat range does depend on whichever models other people have traded in, you'll still get a better variety of boats at a dealer than by browsing private ads, as well. 

All of the used boats sold through Hunts Marine come with a full warranty, so you can buy a used boat with complete confidence. 

In the end, the option you choose will be the one that suits your lifestyle, requirements and budget. One great way to decide whether a new or used boat would suit you best is to consult the experts. At Hunts Marine, not only do we have a broad range of boats, we have a knowledgeable team who are always happy to make sure our customers find the ideal match. Pop in to one of our stores to find out more about how we can help you!