Get Ready for Boating Season!

Now is the time to get ready for boating season! With the days getting longer and Spring only weeks away, it’s the perfect time to make sure your boat is in top condition and ready for warmer months spent on the water.

Check your Boat & Trailer
While most marine batteries are fairly low maintenance, they do require maintenance of the water levels and terminals every six months or so. Make sure that the terminals are clean and are all fastened tightly and check your battery’s condition before you get to the ramp.

If your boat and trailer haven’t been out for a while then check your trailer tyre pressure. Tyre pressures on trailers are not as critical as cars and we recommend running them slightly under pressure so as they ride a bit softer on the road: somewhere between 10% to 20% below maximum is fine. It’s easiest to check and maintain when the boat is off the trailer, so plan to check this & grease your boat trailer rollers and winch gears next time your boat is in the water.  We’re happy to help and at Hunts Marine we have the full range of genuine accessories, oils and service kits for your engine

Trailer brakes, lights and bearings need regular maintenance to keep them in good running order. If your boat hasn’t been used over Winter then it may need more maintenance than if it has been out on the water. A regular check of brake adjustment and wear by us is also recommended. The best time for this to be done is when your boat is in for service.

Set your boat up for Fishing, Cruising and Fun!
With travel set to be restricted again this Spring & Summer, you’ll have lots of chances to enjoy our beautiful waterways. Consider how you can make your boat more comfortable for Summer with new or upgraded seating, lighting, or adding a canopy which can be fitted to create shade for those hot days.

Fit your boat out properly for your family with a new sound system or check out the latest for knee boarding or water-skiing. If more fishing features on your plans, then we have the latest in electronic fish finders, GPS systems, depth or echo sounders from a range of quality brands and to suit every budget – as well as rod holders and in boat storage for even the most serious of fishing crews!

Check your Safety Gear
Before you head out on the water with family & friends, it’s best to check safety items like life jackets, boat radios, anchors and distress flares to ensure they’re in good condition and within the expiration date. Not sure what you need? Transport NSW has a complete list of safety equipment you must carry on board. 

Schedule in your boat for servicing
Transport for NSW recommends that powered vessels are professionally serviced every year. While we sell a great range of popular, quality oils and service kits, it’s also good to have your boat serviced while you’re not using it – so it’s in peak condition before a busy season on our waterways and offshore.

If you’re thinking about Maintenance and Service or Accessories and Upgrades, head to our website or shop online! If you can't find what you need online or need some advice, give us a call on (02) 9546-1324 or get in touch with our team at Hunts Marine in Sydney, Wollongong or Batemans Bay.


Photo © Yamaha Motor Australia 2021