Tips for Buying a Boat

Thinking of buying a boat? With long sunny days ahead and travel restrictions in place, there’s never been a better time to buy a boat! With an overwhelming number of options and different things to consider, buying a boat can be an intimidating affair but it doesn’t have to be. Our simple guide will have you on the water in no time!

The first step in the boat-buying process is to know why you're in the market. Take into consideration what you'll want to use your boat for. Are you planning to spend time on water sports such as water skiing or tubing? Maybe you're looking to get in some early morning fishing sessions, in which case it helps to know how many people you’re planning to take out. Then there's always the option of just using your boat to enjoy the water from a new perspective. Determine what you want to use your boat for 80-90 percent of the time and start from there.

Have an idea of your price range
Looking to keep costs low? Consider a Used Boat - these will be kind to your wallet, and Hunts Marine has a collection of used boats that are in such good shape, you'd think they were new. Do you have the luxury of a larger budget? Consider purchasing a new boat - while the price may be a bit higher, the payoff in the end will be worth it with a beautiful new vessel.

Don't overestimate your boat-operating knowledge when looking to buy a boat. If you have little to no experience, consider a simpler boat that can fit your level of expertise. If you have been operating vessels for years and feel quite comfortable on the water, maybe a more advanced boat with more features and options is the choice for you.

Used boats
If you're looking to buy a used boat and are looking to buy privately you should consider getting a pre-purchase inspection done on your vessel. This will ensure that your boat is in the best condition possible, and won't leave you with any surprises once you're out on the water. After the inspection is completed, it's a good idea to take the boat for a test run if you can. This will help you to get a feel for how it runs on the water before you commit to purchasing it.

It's also important to look into the state of the engine on the used vessel that you're considering purchasing. If the engine fails inspection or if a professional has any hesitancy about it, consider purchasing a new one to ensure your safety as well as prolonging the life span of your boat.

New boats
Have your heart set on buying a new boat? Make sure you're looking for the correct type depending on your needs. Consider the towing capacity of your vehicle and any storage limitations such as garage length or carport height. When you are looking at the overall length of a boating package remember that most trailers have the option of swing around draw bar so all you are left with is basically the hull length and the engine. A swing around draw bar will normally get you an extra 70 or 80cms.

If you’re thinking about buying a boat to get on the water this Summer, we’re here to help! With 75 years of experience, Hunts Marine is a third generation, family-owned business with extensive experience in recreational boating. Find out more at, give us a call on (02) 9546-1324 or get in touch with our team at Hunts Marine in Sydney, Wollongong or Batemans Bay.