How to sell a boat quickly

After making the decision to sell your boat, you'll want to move on with the sale as quickly as possible. The longer it takes to sell your boat, the more time it has to break down, accumulate costs - and get in the way of you buying a new boat! There's no doubt that faster is better in the world of boat sales. 

It is possible to sell your boat quickly, but you will have to put in hours of hard work before you see your boat driving out of your driveway for the last time. You'll want to see the sale through as quickly as possible, but to ensure a successful sale you should still put time and thought into each of the steps involved in selling your boat privately. 

How to sell your boat quickly

- Price it right

Determining the right price for your boat takes careful consideration and a lot of calculation. To sell your boat quickly, you can drop the price to drum up more interest, but then you risk selling for significantly less than the vessel is worth. Ask for too much, though, and you could risk delaying the sale of your boat for months. You have to take these factors into account and arrive at a sum both you and your buyers are happy with. 

A faster sale means more time to enjoy the things you love. A faster sale means more time to enjoy the things you love.

- Advertising

The best way to sell your boat quickly is to make it as visible as possible. This means placing ads in newspapers, with the local boating press, online, or even hanging a sign on your boat and parking it next to a highway. Social media and word-of-mouth can also be effective if you connect with the right groups. 

If you advertise on a website or in a newspaper with a large readership, there is a chance your posting will be spotted and snapped up quickly, but be prepared to wait for weeks, or possibly even months, before getting any traction. 

- Viewings

After your advertising has generated a few bites, potential buyers will want to come and check out your vessel. To ensure a quick sale, you will need to make sure your boat is in the best possible condition.

This means it should be waxed, clean and shiny. Any worn or torn upholstery, cushions or carpet should be replaced. Sprucing up your boat and making it gleam can be a chore, so the fastest way to get it up to scratch is to pay for a boat detailing. A full service is also a good idea, to make sure everything is running smoothly and there are no issues to deter potential buyers.

You may be asked to do a sea trial, which can be a great way to convince a buyer to commit. When they see how the boat handles out on the water, they may be swayed and commit to the sale. However, if they back out of the deal you will have invested time without reward, and have to repeat the process again until you find success. 

- Cross your fingers

The sale of your boat can depend on many factors - how well you advertise it, how well-presented your boat is and even the season can impact the number of people interested in buying it from you. Get the timing or price wrong and you could inadvertently hinder a quick sale. It could take months to sell your boat, with costs and frustration mounting the whole time. A bit of luck is needed to sell you boat quickly. 

What if there was a way to sell your boat in less than 24 hours? 

If time is of the essence, there is another option. You can skip right over the hassle of advertising, setting a price, arranging viewings and all of the other steps involved in selling a boat privately. 

The fastest way to sell a boat is through a dealer. At Hunts Marine, all settlements are made within 24 hours of bringing your boat in. That means you can have your boat taken off your hands and cash in your bank in less than a day. Plus, when you sell your boat to Hunts Marine, you can enjoy peace of mind over the price. With the help of independent valuers, we make sure you get a good price for your vessel, so you don't need to sell for a rock-bottom amount just to clear your driveway.

To make things even smoother, our sales team can come to you, free of charge, so you don't even need to worry about transporting your boat anywhere. All it takes is one afternoon and you could see a successful boat sale.

Here at Hunts Marine we also offer the option of boat trade-ins, so you can move straight on to a shiny new vessel. 

To find out more about selling your boat through Hunts Marine, feel free to reach out to our friendly team today. 

April 03, 2017 by Jon Hunt
Tags: Tips