A catch worth keeping: Ross talks about his Quintrex 430 Fishabout

At Hunts Marine we love putting smiles on faces as much as we love putting boats on water. We thrive on connecting people with the vessel that suits their needs and will bring them maximum enjoyment. 

Ross Skinns recently bought a boat through Hunts Marine - it was his fourth Quintrex, but his first time purchasing through us. We caught up with Ross to find out more about his new boat and his experience with our Batemans Bay team

Ross enjoys taking his Quintrex out on the lake. Ross enjoys taking his Quintrex out on the lake.

Hi Ross! Can you tell us about your recent purchase?

"It's a Quintrex 430 Fishabout with a 50 horsepower Yamaha four stroke engine on the back. The boat and motor are matched perfectly, the ideal package for the sort of fishing I do.

My wife and I are in our sixties. We used to have a bigger boat but it became too much to handle, so we went down to this smaller one that we're both able to manage. The boat can still cope with most of the weather conditions up in the mountains and can launch and retrieve quite easily. It also tows very well and easily fits in our garage,

This is my fourth Quintrex. These boats have always been good, and with their technology and electronics, they're just getting better all the time."

What's your favourite detail about your new Quintrex?

"The new hull is very smooth and quiet. It's a blade hull, which cruises very smoothly on the water."

How are you finding the Yamaha engine?

"The new Yamaha four stroke has a troll switch. It's perfect for when you're trolling for trout and you have the line and lure out back, moving along at a very slow pace.

The troll switch allows me to use this big engine and still drop the speed right down. I don't have to mess around with having another engine on the back, which would mean another fuel tank, electric motor or battery. It's a big advantage - I can adjust the speed with the flick of a button." 

What do you mostly use your boat for?

"We go to Lake Jindabyne and Lake Eucumbene. I go fishing on the lakes, trout fishing mostly, using various methods such as surface trolling and bait fishing. 

We also spend quite a bit of time down the south coast. We'll go for a bit of fishing and a cruise down there. All along the coast there are plenty of little estuaries and rivers. Because this Quintrex isn't a big boat, those places are easy to access and it manages well there."

Can you tell us more about the purchasing experience from Hunts Marine?

"This is probably the best buying experience I've ever had. The service Brad gave me was excellent. I first contacted Brad via email and we discussed different options. He answered any questions I had and referred me to websites, blogs and boat reviews when I needed extra information.

Right through the whole process he kept me up-to-date and let me know approximately when the boat would be ready. When I picked it up there was a big sign saying 'congratulations' - that was really nice.

Trout fishing with his new Quintrex. The Quintrex and Yamaha engine together make trout fishing a breeze.

The handover process was really good, better than any purchase I've made before. Brad's very knowledgeable about the product, he went over all the controls explaining how things work. He even took the boat for a run in the river before I picked it up, and the propeller just wasn't matched right to the engine. He found that he had to tweak it a bit and that made a huge difference. 

You can contact Hunts Marine anytime through their Facebook page and they get back to you ASAP. Recently I wanted a USB port in my boat so I could keep my phone charged. I just left Brad a message on Facebook and he was back to me saying "yep, we can do that on the next service".

Brad wasn't there for the service, but the guys who worked on the boat were just as good. They explained everything they did, how it was going and what they were doing."

Will you continue to take your boat in for a service with them in future?

"Yes, no doubt. The beauty is, we're in Canberra, only a couple of hours away from Batemans Bay. That means we can go down and just go fishing afterwards. Bit of a no-brainer, really!"

If you're interested in finding out more about our range of Quintrex, reach out to our friendly Hunts Marine team online or in store.