Why is a Glastron a great alternative to a Bayliner?

When shopping around for a bow rider, you'll be on the lookout for that winning combination of standout features, sleek style and watersport capabilities. With the wide range of boats available these days, narrowing down your choices can be difficult. First-time buyers might look to Bayliner - as the world's largest manufacturer of recreational boats, it's easy to assume that this brand will tick all your boxes.

However, at Hunts Marine, we stock a range of Glastron boats rather than Bayliner. We chose this brand for its features, technology and style, and we believe they are some of the best boats money can buy. Here's why a Glastron makes a great alternative to a Bayliner. 

Even after six decades, Glastron continue to satisfy the boating community with the power and style of their craft.

1. The history of the brand

One of the first manufacturers to produce fibreglass boats, Glastron have been producing watercraft for 60 years. Their boat-building heritage sets them apart as one of the oldest and best-established manufacturers, and they are recognised as trend-setters in boat design. Even after six decades, they continue to satisfy the boating community with the power and style of their craft.

From the fabric on the seats to the muscle of the structural components, Glastron boats are designed to be worthy of a Bond movie. Of course, Bond himself put Glastron boats in the spotlight in the famous Live and Let Die boat chase.

We believe 007 made a great choice - these are superstar boats.

The stylish Glastron GT 180.The stylish Glastron GT 180.

2. Technology and performance

Glastron have been around for so long because they know how to adapt and move with the market. The cornerstone of the Glastron brand is quality construction, and their innovative designs make them stand out from competitors - including Bayliner.

For instance, one of the defining features of Glastron boats is the Super Stable Vee (SSV) Hull. The design solidifies Glastron's status as an outstanding on-water performer, ensuring consistent sharp handling through lift and stability. The SSV is one of the best hull designs in boating, making Glastron a great choice every time. 

With a focus on comfort and usability, Glastron pay attention to factors such as seating space, layout, and durability. It's the details that matter. For example, Glastron includes a long-lasting fibreglass cockpit floor as a standard feature - Bayliner only offers this as an optional upgrade. 

Glastron is the only brand to offer runabouts with three different power types: outboard, jet drive and jet power. Each option has different advantages, so customers can choose they type that suits them best, based on factors such as weight, fuel economy, cockpit noise, steering agility and speed. 

3. Style

Glastron boats are crafted to maximise the enjoyment you get from taking your boat on the water, so they always appeal to your sense of aesthetic style. Two-toned hulls give you flexibility with design, allowing you to choose the colours that suit your taste and personality. If you choose Glastron, you can be confident the unique colour combinations will make you stand out from the crowd. 

4. Price

One of the factors that make Glastron a great alternative to Bayliner is the price tag. Glastron boats offer outstanding value for money, with highly competitive prices at Hunts Marine. Through us, you can get your first ever sporty and stylish Glastron boat for an attractive price.

Hunts Marine offer Glastron boats at lower prices than other retailers, thanks to a direct relationship with the manufacturer. We make sure you get the best deal and select a boat that will fit your needs.

We have a passion for watercraft and we choose to stock the very best - we have complete confidence in the Glastron brand. If you are looking for a bow rider that delivers exceptional performance, check out Glastron boats at our Sydney showroom

March 23, 2017 by Jon Hunt
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