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Wondering how you can catch more fish? When it comes to catching more fish, our simple tips will make the world of difference. From the best fishing accessories to top fishing spots and expert advice, this simple guide will have the fish jumping into your boat!

Whether you’re heading out on the river of going offshore, it helps to be prepared. At Hunts Marine, we have everything you need to plan your day – our boating tools & information hub on our website has links to Sydney tide times, boating weather, fish sizes and limits and fishing licence information, all in one spot!

Fishing boat accessories can make your experience out in the water safer, more fun and help you to catch more fish! Here’s our top list of fishing accessories for your boat:

1. Rod holders

Whether you’re fishing with mates with lots of lines in the water, or juggling your rods while you re-rig kid’s lines, rod holders can be indispensable. With convenient designs that can be mounted to your boats' gunwale, you can have multiple lines out while minimising the risk of tangling & they can be used to store your rods, or to anchor them when in action.

2. Electronic fish finders and depth or echo sounders

Fish Finders and Depth or Echo Sounders can make the world of difference to your day. Using sonar, they send out sound waves which bounce differently off fish, water and solid objects like reefs so you can more easily find fish, gauge how deep the water is and they often include water temperature sensors as well. It’s relatively easy to learn how to use an electronic fish finder and our team are happy to help! We have a great range of Garmin, Lowrance, Furuno and Humminbird LCD and colour fish finders, hand held GPS units and mapping products to lead you to more fish – so you can make a decision to keep moving or drop anchor.

3. Bathiscope
If you are not ready to take the plunge with an electronic fish finder, depth or echo sounder, a bathiscope is a simple & effective tool that can help you spot fish below the water. This is especially useful when the sun is reflecting brightly off the water.

4. Downrigger

Once you know where the fish are, a downrigger can expertly control your bait depth while moving naturally through the water. This allows you to change your fishing tactics based on location and the fish you're trying to attract – helping you to catch more fish!

5. Fish Cooler Bags & Tank Aerators
A good haul can spoil within a few hours if exposed to the intense Australian sun, and it's not enough to keep it in a shaded spot. One of the most important additions to any fishing boat is a proper place to store your bounty, and Fish Cooler Bags have been designed to store your catch. When it comes to keeping live bait viable for fishing, tank aerators are rechargeable and can have a battery life of upwards of 24 hours, so they are practical to use for an entire day. 

Want more tips? We’ve rounded up some of the best places to go boating here and you can also buy the Anglers Almanac which predicts the best fishing times which can be used anywhere in or around Australia and Moon Phases. It also includes accurate colour photos in the Fish I.D. section and simple graphics showing how to tie a huge range of fishing knots.

These fishing accessories will improve your fishing experience and don’t need to break the bank. Need some advice? With 75 years of experience, Hunts Marine is a third generation, family-owned business with extensive experience in recreational boating. Find out more at, give us a call on (02) 9546-1324 or get in touch with our team at Hunts Marine in Sydney, Wollongong or Batemans Bay.