Furuno 1kw Transom Mount Transducer


Brand: Furuno

The re-designed TM260 sports a new look and better high-speed performance. The industrys first, 1 kW, transom-mount transducer has a new, rugged, mounting bracket. The sleek design makes the unit easier to install. And its streamlined shape will give you improved high-speed performance up to 30 knots (35 MPH). The TM260 will make 600 W sounders respond like a more-powerful model. Get 16-times the sensitivity compared with a standard transom-mounted transducer. It packs four, 50 kHz/200 kHz elements to focus narrow beams at both frequencies, so youu2019ll see crisp targets and clear bottom definition. Unit is approximately 100mm wide, 190mm long and 75mm high.

Comes with bracket, temperature sensor and plug and will give the FCV-587 a total depth capability of approximately 1200m depending on water clarity and conditions.

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