Furuno DFF-3D Multi Beam Sonar Box


Brand: Furuno

The DFF-3D is an innovative tool for efficient fish location and seabed profile surveying, utilizing new multi beam technology. Highly detailed images are derived from the combination of an advanced signal processing system and an amazingly compact multi beam transducer. With DFF-3D, you can turn your NavNet TZtouch or TZtouch2 MFD into a multi-beam sonar that can see 120° Port to Starboard, allowing you to see the depth and direction Fish schools are moving, while displaying the seabed condition in real time. Built-in motion sensor stabilises the display, giving clearer and more stable images even in rough conditions. The basic detection range is 5m-1200m (depending on transducer selection and head unit selection). Sidebar detection range is up to 200 m (over 650 feet) in a 120-degree swath port and starboard direction. Deep water, main beam penetration directly under the boat is approx. 300 m (over 980 feet). Modes include: Triple/ Single Beam Sounder, Side Scan, Cross Section and 3D Sounder History. For the full Furuno DFF-3D brochure click here.

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